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Scholarship Program

SMJGA Scholarship Applications for 2019

Attention 2019 Rising Seniors:

If you are interested in applying for SMJGA Golf Scholarship, please send in your application. All applications must be postmarked by October 26th 2018. Application is downloadable here and instructions here. Please start the process now as it takes time to process each applicant. Please note that the SMJGA Scholarships are to help assist with college expenses. All graduating seniors that meet the required criterias are encouraged to apply!

Applicant must submit all of the following information to the Southern Maryland Golf Scholarship by the deadline. Submission electronically (PDF) is encouraged.

                                                       Required Supporting Information

1. Completed SMJGA Scholarship Application form.
2. Essay (2 pages or less) on how golf has influenced the applicant and his/her career goals.
3. High school transcript, including applicant’s SAT or ACT Score Reports.
4. Verification of applicant’s participation in high school golf or junior golf program.
5. Statement of applicant’s community service, leadership experiences and accomplishments.
6. Two letters of recommendation: from a teacher or administrator from the applicant’s high school, and from    a person (unrelated to applicant) who knows the applicant as a result of the applicant’s involvement with golf.

Application and supporting materials must be sent to:

Sandy Milligan, Program Director, SMJGA Golf Scholarship Committee, 14528 Perrywood Dr Burtonsville, MD 20866;  Phone: 301-442-0599, email: All materials submitted become the property of SMJGA. Scholarship winners will be required to provide their Social Security Number and a digital photo for publicity purposes related to the scholarship.


Important dates:

10/26/2019 - Deadline for application    

9/28/2019 - Applicants will be notified to meet with coach

10/19/2019 - Selection of recipients are identified                                        

TBD - Scholarship recipients will be awarded at the Tournament of Champions Banquet