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Code of Conduct

Excel Golf takes pride in the Associations founding principles and in the quality of golfers we teach. Our Association require all golfers...

Violations of Code of Conduct

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct, to include abusive language, cheating, club throwing, disrespect to volunteers, officials, fellow competitors, host course personnel, or abuse of golf course property.
  • Use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco products.
  • Physical abuse, threat of physical abuse or verbal abuse of other players, parents, host golf course staff or members, GCCFL staff or volunteers will result in immediate disqualification.
  • Not adhering to dress code at the host Golf course.
  • Vandalism at the host site, abusive behavior to host family or property.
  • Physical abuse, threat of physical abuse, verbal abuse, slander or libel towards other players, parents, coaches, sponsors, host golf staff or members, staff or any volunteers in any medium.
  • Code of Conduct Violation Penalties

Code of Conduct violations will result in penalty assessment or disqualification based on severity and frequency of the violation. The Excel Golf reserves the right to suspend or revoke a player's privilege to enter and participate in future tournaments as a result of Code of Conduct violations. In the event of suspension, both the player and parent/guardian will be notified in writing of the violation and the length of time the suspension will be in effect.