2024 Excel Golf Clinic Registration

We hope this email finds you well and filled with excitement for the upcoming golf season! We’re thrilled to announce that registration is officially open for the Excel Golf Clinic, and this year, we are introducing an exciting new addition: the Advanced Level (Competitive Golfer).

Our clinics age starts as early as 5 years old to 17 years old.

Price – $100

The Beginner Sessions will be Intro to Golf. Each session will be the same. We will cover the four aspects of the game: Putting, Chipping, Irons, and Driver. Each session will conclude with a mini tournament to reinforce the skills they’re learned throughout the session.

**Introducing the Advanced Level: Elevate Your Game!**

 The Advanced Level is designed for competitive junior golfers (playing in or preparing for tournaments). Each session will focus on a certain skill of the game.

–       Short Game and Putting

–       Approach Shots: Iron Play

–       Bunker Down: Being Comfortable with Bunker shots

–       Bombs Away – Master your Driver and Woods

–       Course Management – The Mental Side of the game

–       Led by our experienced coaches, this clinic is tailored for those eager to advance their skills and take on new challenges in the world of golf.

**Two Types of Days for Both Beginner and Advanced Clinics:**

 **Range Day:** 

   – *Location:* Country Club at Woodmore on Tuesdays

   – *For:* Both Beginner and Advanced Participants

   – *Activities:* Skill development, personalized coaching, and honing fundamental techniques.

**Course Day:**

   – *For Beginners:*

     – *Location:* Bowie Golf Club on Saturdays

     – *Activities:* Putting newfound skills to practice on the course, friendly competition, and an introduction to on-course strategies. 

   – *For Advanced Participants:*

     – *Location:* Country Club at Woodmore on Sundays

     – *Activities:* Advanced on-course challenges, personalized coaching, and an opportunity to refine your game at a premier golf destination.

**Session Timeframes**

Session 1 – April 16 – May 12

Session 2 – May 28 – June 23

Session 3 – July 2 – July 28

Session 4 – August 6 – September 1

Session 5 – September 10 – October 6

**Limited Spaces Available – Sign Up Now!**

Spaces for both clinics are limited, and we encourage you to secure your spot at the Excel Golf Clinic promptly. The Range Day will be hosted at the renowned Country Club at Woodmore, providing an excellent atmosphere for skill development.

For Course Days, beginners will enjoy the beautiful setting at the Bowie Golf Club, while advanced participants will have the privilege of refining their skills at the prestigious Country Club at Woodmore.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to elevate your junior golfer’s game! Register now and join us for a season of growth, fun, and camaraderie.

To register Click here or inquire further, please visit our website or contact our clinic coordinator at [email protected].

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to an incredible season on the greens!