About Us

Who Are We

Excel Golf is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that introduce youth to the overall fundamentals development and life skills of golf. We are committed and dedicated to educate and meet the needs of junior golfers by providing, Activities, Discipline, Sportsmanship, Respect, Life Skills and, Excel Golf stride in providing facility to extend our program throughout the season. We expand our activities to include Environmental awareness of golf courses, Etiquette and Rules for tournaments and college scholarship opportunities.

What Makes Us Different

As a non-profit organization, Excel Golf prides itself in its unique way of teaching Students the basic fundamentals of the game of golf. Our instructors spend quality time with each Student explaining the correct techniques; such as, proper gripping of clubs, posture, ball & club alignment, safety and the Life Skills involved within our program and on the golf course. Our programs offer each golfer the ability to attend all clinic sessions at any Excel Golf location. The Students with Excel Golf memberships have private access to individualize member profiles, golf rounds, college information, updated golf news and stories as well as access to other fun and exciting information. Our uniqueness also encompasses Environmental Awareness that help promote environmental responsibility for golf coursed and educate Students on course maintenance and chemical treatments.