Instructional Clinics

Our clinics designed for junior golfers, provides an open, fun-friendly learning environment while committed to excellence and results. Over the course of three sessions, the juniors have a chance to join one of four distinct programs along with an Etiquette Program; Fundamental, Proficient, Advance and Elite. Each session is designed to promote a specific aspect to include: full-swing, putting, short game, or bunker skills. Under these programs and sessions our young golfers are able to flourish and nurture their skills under the direction of experienced, motivated, and highly skilled instructors.

Fundamental Classes

The Fundamental Program is our first stage where we call it the Beginners Level, all new and return Students boys & girls ages from 6-18 will learn the basic of the game of golf. Here all new participants/students will be exposed learning the proper setup, fundamental grip, stand, posture, and the Life Skills. Also will be introduced to the Environmental aspect of what goes on the golf course, chemicals used and why it is important for all students to learn. Excel recommends students of ages 6-10 remain at this level before considering being tested for the Basic Introductory Level stage.

Proficient Classes

The Proficient Program is the stage for those junior golfers who have been active in a golf program for 2 years or more, have learned the fundamentals of the game and Life Skills, etiquette; rules, environmental side of the program. Also, at this stage, students will have the opportunity to be tested as season end, pass the entire test required to move or graduate to the next stage as Proficient Level students.

Advance Classes

The Advance Program is the stage for those Student golfers who have graduated from Proficient level, have passed the playing, Etiquette, Rules and Life Skills test. Depending how students progress throughout his/her time at this stage, the student MUST pass a rigid planned skills test before advancing to the Elite class.

Elite Classes

The Elite Program is the ultimate level of student development. These students are prepared to compete at the College level. These students are between the ages of 14-18 and attend high school or have meant the Elite Level criteria. Elite Students will be encourage to share knowledge with Fundamental, Proficient and Advance Students of our program.